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  • 75% to 80% of Students Live Off Campus

    Students require quality housing

    With an average of 75% to 80% of students living off campus, most Universities feel that they have an obligation to provide this type of service to their students, however, they simply may not have the required resources, finacial or manpower, to do so. OCH101 presently helps over 40 Universities across North America overcome many off-campus housing challenges allowing the Housing Office to focus on their dorm or on-campus obligations.

    Traditionally, any off-campus housing service was reactive and clumsy at best and the information was frequently out of date (rented). Additionally, the listings did not provide enough information such as proximity to the campus, amenities, photos, mapping, and there was not have the resources to manage the rental listings.

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    eCOM's off-campus housing solution

    eCOM's online off-campus housing solution benefits the landlord, the school, and most of all, the student. eCOM provides its off-campus housing solution absolutely free to college & universities to enable them to provide safe and suitable housing for often over 75% of their student population. Students ALWAYS search for FREE.

    eCOM Media Group's Off-Campus Housing 101 solution is responsive, customized and efficient. Please contact us for a live demonstration of some of the options and solutions we provide universities and colleges just like yours. No school is too big or too small.

Please Note: This form is for new college & university inquiries only. For students or landlords, please use the email form at the respective school for contact.

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