Off-Campus Housing 101

Helping students find 'a home away from home' - since 1998

How does it work?

  • College & Universities

    OCH101's off-campus housing solution

    OCH101's online off-campus housing solution benefits the landlord, the school, and most of all, the student. OCH101 provides its off-campus housing solution absolutely free to college & universities to enable them to provide safe and suitable housing for often over 75% of their student population. Students ALWAYS search for FREE.

  • What do we do?

    Managed online off-campus housing solution

    Off Campus Housing 101 assists College & Universities in providing a Managed Online Off-Campus Housing Solution to their students, faculty and staff. This online property rental listing service is University branded such as University of Maryland, easy to use, informative, always current, and is accessible 24/7 through the University's website. We enable landlords and property managers to quickly and easily update information regarding their rental property.

What challenges do we provide a solution to?

  • 75% to 80% of Students Live Off Campus

    Students require quality housing

    With an average of 75% to 80% of students living off campus, most Universities feel that they have an obligation to provide this type of service to their students, however, they simply may not have the required resources, finacial or manpower, to do so. OCH101 presently helps over 60 Universities across North America overcome many off-campus housing challenges allowing the Housing Office to focus on their dorm or on-campus obligations.

    Traditionally, any off-campus housing service was reactive and clumsy at best and the information was frequently out of date (rented). Additionally, the listings did not provide enough information such as proximity to the campus, amenities, photos, mapping, and there was not have the resources to manage the rental listings.

  • Saving Time and Money!

    Saving over $100,000 per year

    With OCH101, Universities are able to provide a free solution which is painless to implement and does not task their resources. Universities found that this off-campus housing service has quickly become an invaluable resource for their students, faculty and staff. Many college & universities have saved over $100,000 per year in resource costs by utilizing our turnkey and free solution. Losing a tuition paying student from lack of housing is not a position the school or the student wish to be in.

  • Who Benefits?

    The university, students & landlords

    Current and prospective students can search for their new home from any location well ahead of time utilizing the University's website. This free service saves them precious time, provides an abundance of information, and gives them one less thing to worry about during an already stressful time. Parents also prefer to know their son or daughter has safe and affordable accommodations that will allow them to focus on their studies and not being stressed about their living arrangements especially for students travelling from out of state or out of country.

  • Where Do the Listings Come From?

    Thousands of rental listings

    OCH101 has thousands of rental listings across North America which becomes instantly available to your University. OCH101 will work with you to market your OCH service to private landlords and property management companies in your community. Additionally, OCH101 already works with many large property management companies such as AIMCO, American Campus Communities, Equity Residential, JPI, Pinnacle, Riverstone, Sawyer, and Zoom to name a few.

  • How Can We Help You?

    Available at no cost

    By providing this solution to you at no cost and managing all customer service and support issues through email and/or a direct toll free OCH101 Customer Support Line.

  • How Can We Afford To Do This?

    Landlords receive first ad free

    OCH101 receives its revenue from the people that benefit financially from this service. The landlords in your community listing their rental properties.

  • Is There Anything Else We Should Know?

    Roommate Finder

    Yes, 10% of this revenue is donated back to the universities and their students! OCH101 can also provide our popular "Roommate Finder" service to assist students find suitable roommates with similar interests and life styles. We provide this service for free to college & universities that utilize our OCH service. Please look at an example with University of Maryland Roommate Finder.

  • Conclusion

    Most effective solution on the market today

    If your goal is to provide your students with a proven quality managed Off-Campus Housing Listing solution at NO COST than you have found it! Call us today to find out how departments such as Housing, Off-Campus Housing, Commuter Services, Student Governments's and Student Unions's have helped their students by utilizing the Off-Campus Housing Support Team.

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"OCH101 and Rent Hello have allowed ROSS University School of Medicine to focus the housing office's time and energy on on-campus related housing needs and student-centered activities enabling a better experience for our students. "
Francisca Knight
Director of Housing
Ross University School of Medicine
"OCH101 has expanded our off-campus listing system beyond our expectations and is the most innovative student housing listing service available. There is no other listing service like it. "
Renee McDonald
Housing and Residential Life
California State University Long Beach
" I would suggest Off-campus Housing 101 to anyone who needs a high quality off-campus housing solution. "
Kristina Maxwell
Communications Coordinator
San Diego State University
" Thanks again so much Richard and Ernie. I know you have worked so hard to make this a reality and we are forever indebted to you. As always, you guys have been wonderful partners and we are glad to be associated with you. "
Gezai Berhane
Student Life & Leadership
California State University