Off-Campus Housing 101

Helping students find 'a home away from home' - since 1998

About Off-Campus Housing 101?

  • We were first to market back in 1998

    Could building north america's first off-campus housing solution prove risky?

    When we started discussing the idea of a web-based online solutions for college & universities, they seemed excited by the concept, but was the technology ready? Back before the dot com boom, dial-up was how the Internet was accessed. Some even said, " This new Internet thing is just a fad!" Even if most college & universities had a dedicated T1 or T3 connection, the landlords and students did not. Always-on access to a fast dedicated Internet connection was not common.

    The timing was perfect for the increasingly popular Internet to offer its many benefits over traditional and expensive print advertising. The newspaper and magazine industry was not only expensive but dirty, poluting, wasteful and dated. The Internet offered a way to market your product/service in a timely and efficent manner.

    We developed our leading Off-Campus Housing101 solution for students, universities and landlords. We pioneered the idea of bringing quality student housing together with technology as "there just had to be a better way to find a place to rent or a roommate than the newspaper" as we all have experienced.